Rates & Packages

How Pilates Memberships Work

We wanted to create a membership that helped you to commit to your Pilates practice but also gave some leeway. It’s best to treat the membership as a monthly use or loose system, but know you have some wiggle room.

  • Your membership begins the day you sign up.
  • You receive a lower price per session as a member and can book out further in advance to reserve your preferred sessions.
  • Your account will be auto drafted monthly.
  • Memberships roll in 3 month increments; meaning you have an additional 2 months to use sessions.
  • After the 3 month period all sessions unused expire, you can book in to the future beyond the 3 month period.
  • This system works well for those of you that vacation, take some time off for surgery, or you know…life happens.
  • Memberships can be shared! This not only brings the price per session down a bit but it is so fun to workout with a friend!
  • You can use your membership to pay for Rossiter sessions. Two membership sessions count for one 30-min Rossiter session.

Here’s an example:

You sign up for a 12 times per month membership on April 2, 2019. You then have until July 2 to use all 36 (12/month x 3 months) sessions. On May 2 an additional 12 sessions will be available to schedule and then again on June 2. You can book in to August, etc. with sessions that have rolled over.

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