Specializing in attention to detail; 
each small group class is like having a private session!

Pilates Reformer Personal Training
Chantel Tauteoli 801-897-5923

I love what I do, let me show you why!

Pilates Reformer personal training is more than just another workout.  It's about giving you the tools to live a healthier, longer more enriched life!  When I first meet you, we'll talk about what is concerning you and then create a plan to help you get on the path to optimal health.  It just so happens that training in small intimate groups provide not only a specialized routine for each person but also a safe haven to be amongst like minded individuals all working towards the same goal...to be our absolute best!  After all; "Physical fitness is the first requisite to personal happiness." Joseph Pilates
You can expect to:
*Burn body fat
*Tone long, lean muscle
*Challenge deep abdonminal muscles to support the core
*Sleep more restful
*Improve posture
*Help correct imbalances
*Improve lung capacity
*Learn proper breathing and control
*Improved coordination and proprioception
*Discover a body and mind connection
*Increase Joint Range of Motion and circulation
*Increased flexibility
*Become much more efficient with your body
*Reduce stress, anxiety, and lift depression
*Be less prone to injury
*Enhance mobility, agility and stamina
*Compliment sports training and develop functional fitness for daily life activity
*Improve the way your body looks and feels
...and so much more!