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I love what I do, let me show you why!

About Me
In 2003, after graduating with a BA in Political Science from the University of Utah, I was approached about working with a new company that wanted to offer personal training services that included in-home training. This was a 180 from my political career and needless to say it was one more meant to be "SurpriZe!"   Health and fitness has been a passion for me since gaining and losing over 100lbs after having my first baby, so helping others with the same challenge is always a personal and rewarding quest.  Also, previous years of improper training has left me with a compromised L4 and L5, I know I have remained pain free due to Pilates Reformer.  In 2003, after that small training company had to close it's doors, I sought out another facility that would offer individual attention just the same, this is where I first discovered Pilates Reformer.  I was absolutely amazed at this machine! I immediately began to study under a 2nd generational student of Mr. Pilates and was originally certified by Jo & Clara Pilates' protege.  I sat for the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance), the only 3rd party nationally accredited testing center for Pilates and became comprehensively certified.  I realized all of my clients could benefit from Reformer work; having trained athletes, olympians, stroke victims, cancer survivors, rehab clientele and of course "average" people.  After 11 years of experience I am proficient in identifying individual needs and can create a program to get you the results you desire!